Legal Dictionary

Dictionary of Legal Terms


Affidavit: A written statement sworn to be true. The individual providing the affidavit must sign the document and swear under oath before a notary public or make a declaration under penalty of perjury.

American Bar Association (ABA): The ABA is the predominant professional association for attorneys practicing in the United States .The ABA actively influences legal policy, lobbies for the legal profession, and evaluates legal professionals.

Arbitration: Arbitration is a method for disposing of legal disputes without a formal court trial. All parties to the dispute consent to having their case heard before a panel of independent experts. The parties must also agree to be subject to the panel’s rulings.

Asbestos lawsuit: A claim alleging injury, typically arising from a cancer called mesothelioma, stemming from exposure to asbestos.Asbestos lawsuits include personal injury suits brought directly by the party exposed to asbestos and wrongful death suits brought by the families of those who have died from exposure.

Attorney: Any individual authorized by a state or federal court to practice law.